The Funny Bar Stories…or Not So Funny!

Bars and lounges are great social places to hang out, have fun, and meet new people. However, a lot more than socializing happens when alcohol and other drugs are involved. My advice would be do not go to a bar or lounge looking to find Mr. Right or Mrs. Right. Although there are some stories where it does happen, it is highly unlikely. More often than not I do find myself in the most random situations, some funny and some not so funny. So I’ve decided to ask other women to share their funny or not so funny encounters as well….

Bar Story #1: This guy came up to me and said, “Do you want to f#%*?” At first I was in shock, but then I responded, “The scary part about your question is that clearly this line must work for you if you are using it on me!” He responded, “Yes it works all the time.” I responded, “Apparently, Not all the time.” and I walked away.

Bar Story #2: I was talking to this colombian guy and I invited him to a neighborhood bar. Apparently, the other girl he’s talking to invited him to the same bar, that night. However, I had no idea. He told me he might pass by with a “friend”. Obviously I assumed a guy friend. As I am hanging out with one of my girl friends he walks in. Now I’m thinking he’s here to meet up with me, until I see a girl walking up right behind him. He gives me a quick, nervous hello, cuts me off in the middle of my sentence, and ignores me the rest of the night. Awkward!!!

Bar Story #3: I had a customer once who is a regular, he got a little tipsy and said, “It’s time!” I responded, “Time for what?” He responds, “Time for me to finally take you out!” I responded, “No thanks!” The dude is definitely married, has kids, and has brought his wife to the bar to eat and introduced her to me and everything. He still comes to the bar with her til this day and acts like nothing happened.

Bar Story #4: It was lesbian night at a bar, but I didn’t know. A very masculine woman felt me up to search me and asked me for my ID and kept staring at me. I stood there in confusion until my friend came over to rescue me. Then the lady said, “You’re lucky I didn’t frisk you!” lol

Bar Story #5: So we are drinking and somehow I get the courage to talk to all these random dudes! At one point I go up to this really cute guy with a broken arm and just start talking which I never do so we talked for a min, he liked me, exchanged numbers…hit me up the same night. Then the next day he’s talking about how he wants to take me out and blah blah..meanwhile i was piss drunk that night. barely remember the convo with him. turns out this dude has a baby mama. and thats how his arm broke cuz he got into a bar fight that had to do wit her…so not a good catch!

Bar Story #6: We were having long island iced teas at a bar near our job. When we got outside it was pouring. So one of our friends started singing, dancing, and skipping to “singing in the rain” as we looked on. At one point she went to click her heals up in the air and fell flat on her side in the middle of the street in a puddle of rain. We all laughed so hard we literally peed in our pants including our friend who fell. Thank God it was raining!

Bar Story #7: I went out on a first date with two other couples The women at the table were taking vodka shots. Little did I know that they were faking it (water shots) and I was doing real vodka shots. I got so sick I told my date I had to go to the bathroom. My date walked me to the Ladies room which was filled with women putting on their makeup or waiting in line. When I finally got in the stall I just stood over the toilet. I heard my date say, “ladies, my girlfriend is inside and she doesn’t feel well, I’m a doctor and I’m coming in to help her.” He then came in the stall and stuck his finger down my throat so I could throw up and I felt so much better. We were inseperable from that day and five years later we had a beautiful baby girl.

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