Find Your Happy!

It’s finally hitting me that this is real…I leave in 2 days with one of my bestfriends, Chica Barbie, to Cordoba, Spain. I never got to Study Abroad in college and that has always been my biggest regret, but I’m so happy that my dream is finally going to come true. I’m going to live for the next 9 months in Cordoba, Spain teaching English to elementary school children. I’ve never been to Cordoba and I basically have 5 days once I arrive to find housing. All in less than one year my life has done a complete 180 degree turn…I went from being engaged to super single, lost 50lbs, quit my job, sold my car and practically everything I own, went from being a carnivore to a pescatarian, went backpacking through most of Europe, skydiving in the Swiss Alps, and then got accepted into the CIEE Teach in Spain Program…I mean who does that? lol Apparently, I do! For the first time in a long time I’m not compromising my needs, my desires, or my passions with anyone elses and it feels amazing! While there is still some heartache left I’m proud to say that I didn’t allow it to take away my “happy.” I’m dedicating the rest of this year to loving myself! I’m going to go where ever my heart desires and follow my happiness to the ends of the earth if need be…If you haven’t found your happy yet just start off by loving yourself and your happiness will follow…

“Nothing in life is impossible unless you let it be.”

3 thoughts on “Find Your Happy!

    1. I have missed God’s bislesngs when I fail to make time for him. In our culture, it is very easy to become consumed with our future plans and taking steps towards them. I have to make efforts to stop and listen. What about the now? What is God trying to do in your life right now? Best,Gina V.

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