Work to Live…

Some people live to work, but here in Cabra people work to live. I´ve never been so fascinated with another culture. So far my experience  in Spain has been absolutely amazing. The people of Cabra have opened up their arms to me and treated me like family. While I miss my loved ones back home I don´t missed the hectic, drama packed, work-aholic lifestyle of NYC. I wish I could just fly my family and friends to Spain. The lifestyle here is so tempting. Back in NY I worked between 40 to  sometimes 80 hours a week, but for what? I don´t have much to show for it and I was constantly stressed out feeling as if I didn´t work enough that week. Here I work 12 hours a week and I live better than I lived in NY. I have a 3 bedroom apartment with crown molding, marble floors, a walk in closet and granite countertops. It kind of feels like a dream. I feel so blessed to be here surrounded by so much beauty and love for life. In my quest to find love all over the world, so far Spain has taught me how to love myself more and more each day.

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