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With over 6,990,375,804 people in the world someone´s bound to love me! (U.S. Census Bureau, Jan. 26, 2012) Nowadays love is accessible even from home. Your soul mate may be a tag, wing, or poke away. No matter how dangerous, farfetched, or taboo online dating may seem if love is meant to be it will be! Social networks and online dating websites such as,,,, and seem to be coming more popular these days. alone has about 1.3 million paying subscribers and boasts such statistics as, ¨1 in 5 relationships begin from online dating.¨ As of 2008, about 15,000 people take the eHarmony questionnaire each day. After finding a match on eHarmony, Harris Interactive states that an average of 542 eHarmony members in the United States marry every day. While some people prefer face to face contact, online dating has become a nice addition to the dating scene. It´s easy to set up a profile, you can search for physical and personality traits, and for those with little to no personal time it doesn´t require a big time committment. In my eyes, online dating is amazing! While online dating has its negative aspects, just like everything else in life, it also connects you to the rest of the world. It allows you to pre-screen a man or woman thus avoiding the awkward blind date. Below are some stories about the best and worst of online dating…

Female, 25 years old: ¨So heres my experience with social networks. Its how my boyfriend managed to send me a message and invite me to the movies (via Facebook when it first came out) lol he’s soooo shy so it was perfect for him to message me that way. Next month we make 7 years lol crazy huh? …thanks to social media and facebook we hooked up. Im not sure if it would of happened if we both didnt have facebook, but yeah…¨

Male, 26 years old: ¨As a friend decided to make an online profile. He´s never had a serious relationship before. Now he´s met this incredible woman that lives out of state and they plan to get married by the end of the year.¨

Female, 22 years old: ¨I´ve used with friends and I think I´ve seen over 50 d¡$@* in less than a minute!¨

Male, 24 years old: ¨I tried it just to see how it was. It´s the same shit if you meet someone in person as if you meet someone online. Most of the time I just do it for fun, but some women have sparked my interest. I´ve never had a relationship that began from online dating. I´ve found a few people I know on it, but they don´t really publicize that they have an online profile…so I try not to blow up their spot.¨

Female, 27 years old: ¨I´ve met a few amazing people online. I enjoy getting to know people from all over the world. I´ve also dealt with some crazies who have offered me sexual favors. Right now I´m talking to one guy who sent me a message on facebook and he seems really sweet, I´d be willing to meet him in person…let´s see what happens.¨

Female, 21 years old: ¨I met this girl on AOL chat. At the time I was experimenting with women. Online she told me she was 21 years old, but then the day we met up she told me she was only 17. She then proceeded to tell me that we were going to meet up with a guy. I was kind of confused and I asked why. Then she said that she goes to this guys house to get her toes licked. Lets just say my experimenting phase was very short lived!¨

In conclusion online dating is fun and exciting, but we still have to be careful. Don´t give out too much personal information in the beginning.  If you do decide to meet up with someone make sure to bring a friend or two, and lastly make sure to meet in a public area. Overall, whether you´re poked, tagged, or winked at…the most important is that you´re loved! Open up your heart to the world and try an online dating website just for fun! You never know you might just stumble upon the love of your life…Nothing in life is impossible unless you let it be!

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