You can either run from it or learn from it!

There are some serious life lessons to be learned from the Lion King…

I dont regret my past because it has made me who I am today. Its so true what Rafiki says while change can be difficult sometimes change can also be amazing! I spent the last 9 months living out my dream and traveling the world! While that change was difficult it has also been the best year of my life. Ive experienced all forms of racism and culture shock in Spain, but in the end these past 9 months have opened my eyes to another way of life. The Spaniards have taught me how to appreciate the past and traditions through their architecture and their cultural traditions. This experience has also really showed me how much I value interpersonal relationships. I have an even more profound appreciation for all the love in my life and I truly believe that love is what makes the world go round. I love finding out about other peoples stories and learning from their wisdom and experiences with love and life. I will miss Spain and all its beauty, but I am so excited to go home to so much love and so many amazing family members and friends that inspire me everyday to love and be a better person. While Ive had a lot of love in my life Ive also experienced what it feels like to lose love. My past heartbreaks have taught me the difference between what I need and what I want out of love. Ive also learned what my dealbreakers are, how to appreciate love, and how to value myself. Ive learned to never settle and to always remember my worth. Lastly, Ive learned what I deserve in life and in love. In the words of Rafiki, ¨While the past can hurt…you can either run from it or learn from it! #Loveyoulovememore

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  1. The part that stood out most to me is where you mentioned that you know what your deal-breakers are. Although I know love is not simple math I think it would do many people good to write down the deal-breakers that they have. I call them the ABSOLUTES. Many people go into relationships and kind of fly by the seat of their pants. I suggest to everyone to write down what are the things that their counterpart MUST or MUST NOT have, non negotiables! Next I encourage everyone to write down what their significant SHOULD have but you may be willing to look past it depending on the situation. Next write down the things that you don’t mind if she or he does or doesn’t have. Feel free to write down things that may even seem ridiculous. Those little things that bother you but seem like nothing before a marriage can turn into huge bombs once you say “I Do”. Just some wisdom from someone who experienced the worst of the worse. lol!

    Youth Speaker Coach Vaughn

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