Love without Expectations…

22 Jul

Sometimes it’s an incredible experience to just love someone without expectations…

…you meet people every day who need love. Whether it’s a smile, a wink, a laugh, or a hug…Send someone love today- a friend, a boyfriend, an ex, a family member, or even a stranger…Make someone’s day today: Write them a thank you letter, a love letter, a I’m thinking of you letter or just call them to check up on them…Tell someone you love them without any expectations of them loving you back…Do it because you feel it in your heart and your soulĀ and you want to share your love with them! Ive realized that the best kind of love is when it comes straight from the heart…regardless of the consequences or the results…you’d be surprised how good it feels to have no expectations…When you love and dont expect anything in return it’s kind of liberating. It’s almost like a weight is lifted because afterwards you’re not disappointed, upset, or let down. No one is perfect and some people are more difficult to love than others, but regardless the one thing that we all have in common is that we allĀ need love. #PassLoveOn

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