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God puts incredible people in my life all the time. Here are some inspiring words from a very motivated and educated man of God….I hope he inspires you just as much as he inspires me with his words….

It is impossible to love without having faith. How can you really know that once you fall in love that a person will remain committed to you? How can you know that the other person won’t decide to divorce you (which actually happened to me)?  The truth is, you don’t know. That’s part of the beauty of it. We love to explore the unknown. WRONG! We only like to explore the unknown when it’s pleasurable, but when it hurts or makes us uncomfortable we dread it.  Especially because there is no blueprint on how to handle it. Therefore, if you are ever going to love you will need faith. An ABUNDANCE of it. I’m a Christian man so I’ll paint a picture for you. Hebrews 11 says that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  In other words faith is the tangibleness of the intangible. Think of the word “substance”.  Sub meaning underneath or below or at the foundation of i.e. sub-zero. Stance meaning a position. So faith is the foundation of the position that you are hoping for and almost every single person’s greatest hope is for love. When you decide to love you are stepping into an unknown territory.  So, with that said, if faith is our foundation then we need to understand the purpose of a foundation. When myself and Natalie spoke the other day we were discussing tall buildings and it so happens I was watching the History channel about skyscrapers today.  Principle #1: the higher you plan on building, the deeper and more firm your foundation must be.  Some skyscrapers go almost 350 feet into the ground.  #2: When building a foundation they don’t just build anywhere, constructors look for bedrock and try to stay away from sand because sand is shifty and unstable. What is your bedrock? Bedrock are the deep-rooted principles that you should never compromise or SHIFT on when looking for love. Too many of us have never sat down and written these out and so we end up in a relationship with someone simply because they may be cute but we don’t even know if they meet our principle expectations. We don’t know if they are bedrock or if they are shifting sand. #3: THE FOUNDATION IS THE FIRST THING TO BE ESTABLISHED: You have never seen a building where they started with the roof and built their way on down. No! First the foundation is set. They build as deep as they have to and remain patient. Then once the foundation is laid they begin building gradually on top of it. Too many times our foundation is never built, or we try to construct a foundation and the actual building at the same time and frustrate ourselves when our building can’t seem to hold steady. #4: Faith and skyscrapers are similar to plants. The plant begins to set roots first then begins to poke its head above ground. The taller the plant is designed to be the deeper its roots grow and set it. The purpose of being rooted is so that when the wind and the rain begin to beat upon the plant it may bend and get tossed too and fro but it won’t break. When you find love it is guaranteed that winds and rain will try to topple your tree! But if you have laid a firm foundation of faith then no matter what life may throw at your love, it won’t break your love.
Faith is the substance of things hoped for and we hope for love. It’s your boy Coach Vaughn filling in for the lovely Natalie Munoz. I’M OUT!
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