Go to the Ends of the Earth…

So many people wait to feel loved, but we forget that we are love and we don’t have to wait to love ourselves to the ends of the earth. I’m still learning how to love myself better every day. I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve and in the past I hated myself for being so emotional. Some days I would wish and/or practice trying to be more cold and logical, but then I remember that God created me this way with good reason and at the center of my existence and spirit is love. I feel inspired to share with you my weaknesses and my strengths today. These past two months have been insane! From my mom being in the hospital for a full month battling depression to me developing alopecia. The last time I hit rock bottom was with the break up of my ex-fiance (3 years ago) but seeing my mom in the hospital and feeling more helpless than ever before in my life was a new low for me. I turned into a complete worry wart. The thought of losing another love of my life triggered so many painful emotions within me from my past. My first thought was, “No I can’t do this again…my heart can’t take losing another love of my life.” It brought to the table all my fears for the future. Throughout this time though I’ve read this book by Deepak Choprah called “The Path to Love.” I honestly have to say while it is not an easy read, because he’s deep and challenges many of society’s restrictions and perceptions, its worth it. Reading this book was like holding love in my hand. It reminded me of the following lessons that we often hear but always forget. Below are each of the lessons I learned from reading this book and the excerpts that really touched my soul and inspired me to remember that I am enough…

1. Live in the Moment

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” 

2. Let Go of My Fears

“Say to yourself, this is just an experience, that’s what life is for, nothing’s wrong… …my higher Self knows what’s going on, this situation is for my benefit, even if I can’t see it now… …my fears may come true, but the outcome will not destroy me, it may even be good, I’ll wait & see… …I’m having a strong reaction right now, but it isn’t the real me, it will pass… …whatever I fear losing is meant to go, I will be better off when new energies come in… …when people fall, they don’t break, they bounce… …the things I fear the most have already happened… …Life is on my side… …I am loved, therefore I am safe. “

3. Embrace My Emotions as a Strength, but also Learn to be Logical when Necessary

Instead of saying…

“I have to have my way,” say to yourself, “I don’t know everything.  I can accept an outcome I don’t see right now.”

“I can’t stand this…” – “I’ve survived things like this before.”

“I’m incredibly afraid…” – “Fear isn’t me.  Being more afraid doesn’t make it more real.”

“You’re all wrong, no one understands me,” – “There’s more to this single situation than any single person knows.”

3. Continue to Forgive

“Forgiveness is recognition that actions that are perceived as hurtful or wrong are the perspective of the small ego mind, not the higher self. The ego self feels the need to seek justice or revenge to right the perceived wrong. The higher self knows that the universe will rebalance all actions at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way in accord with the whole cosmos, not just the view of one person’s hurt feelings. When you forgive, you are allowing that process to unfold, instead of holding on to your ego’s point of view. You are admitting that your limited mind doesn’t know everything there is to know about what is right and wrong and you are recognizing that people’s actions do not indicate what their true essence, conscious beings on the path to full awakening. In that sense they are just like you. Understanding that connection gives you compassion for them. From there it is a short step to forgive them and that reconnects you to your own spiritual truth.”

4. Accept Love in My Life without Expectations

“When you feel love, act on it.  Speak your heart.  Be truthful remain open.  We’ll find the “one” when we are able to let go of that image—love is never an image.  Love doesn’t depend upon external values at all.”

5. Create My Own Path to Love

“Don’t follow someone else’s map. You should glean teachings from all directions, keeping true to those that bring progress yet remaining open to changes in yourself.” 

“With surrender, passion is directed toward life itself–in spiritual terms, passion is the same as letting yourself be swept away on the river of life, which is eternal and neverending in its flow. The final fruit of surrender is ecstasy: when you can let go of all selfish attachments, when you trust that love really is at the core of your nature,you feel complete peace. In this peace there is a seed of sweetness perceived in the very center of the heart, and from this seed, with patience and devotion, you nurture the supreme state of joy known as ecstasy. This, then, is the path to love described in much greater detail in my new book, although it isn’t the only path. Some people do not fall in love and enter into relationships with a beloved. 

But this does not mean that there is no path for them, only that the path has been internalized. For such people, the Beloved is entirely within themselves from the very outset. It is their soul or their image of God; it is a vision or a calling; it is a solitariness that blossoms into love for the One. In its own way, such a love story is also about relationship, because the final realizations are the same for all of us. To realize “I am love” is not reserved only for those who marry. It is a universal realization, cherished in every spiritual tradition. Or to put it most simply, all relationships are ultimately a relationship with God. “

6. How to Surrender

“Spiritually, no action is more important than surrender. Surrender is the tenderest impulse of the heart, acting out of love to give whatever the beloved wants.  Surrender is being alert to exactly what is happening now, not imposing expectations from the past. Surrender is faith that the power of love can accomplish anything, even when you cannot foresee the outcome of a situation.”

“Your ego wants material things, predictable conclusions, continuity, security, and the prerogative to be right when others are wrong.”

“The only true need anyone has is to be seen as real.”

7. Be Grateful

I cherish my every connection. I see the other in myself and myself in others.”

8. Trust my Inner Spirit

“In spirit you are unbounded by time and space, untouched by experience. In spirit you are pure love.”

9. I am completely loved. I am completely loveable.

” We accept as much love in our life as we believe we deserve.”

“The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers.”

“Once the walls fall down we discover that our real problem is that there is too much love around us, not too little. Love is eternal and unbounded; it is only we who take tiny sips from its infinite ocean.”

10. Last but not least the most important reminder….I AM LOVE….

“A man and a woman can reflect divine love in their love for each other.

Love is meant to heal.

Love is meant to renew.

Love is meant to make us feel safe.

Love is meant to inspire us with its power.

Love is meant to make us certain without doubt.

Love is meant to oust all fear.

Love is meant to unveil immortality.

Love is meant to bring peace.

Love is meant to harmonize differences.

Love is meant to bring us closer to our universe.”


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