The Side Chic Application

Picnics & Bike Rides…Oh My!

So I was dating this guy. He seemed super sweet. We actually started dating last Summer and then we lost contact and started dating again in the beginning of this Summer. At first I was hesitant to date him because of his career path. He’s a UFC fighter but after getting to know him I realized that he seemed to have a good heart underneath all his abs lol and he deserved a chance. So we started dating more consistently this Summer. We’d go on picnics, ride bike all over the city and even just hang out by the piers and watch the sunset. Right when things seemed to be perfect he told me he had a confession to make. He said that he had lied to me and that he did have a girlfriend. They’ve been together over a year and they currently live together. He said he wanted to be honest with me before we become intimate. He then stated that he would still like to be intimate with me, but that he just wanted to be honest. lol  We actually spoke one more time after this before I completely cut him off. He said he cared about me as a friend and needed to be completely honest with me. According to him…he’s been with his girl for a year and a half, but she’s asexual and they haven’t had sex in a long time. He expressed even more frustration because even though he’d like to leave her he can’t because they have a lease on the apartment together and financially he would lose a lot of money if he broke it. Completely understandable, but what makes you think that a college educated, career focused, beautiful, fun, loving woman would be interested in your #SideChicApplication #NEXT

Ooooh Sugar Daddy!

So I know this guy for years. He’s good looking and super charismatic and while we’re only acquaintances when I do see him we always have a good laugh. We’ve never dated. However, he owns a business in my neighborhood where I’ve been a loyal customer for years even before he became the owner. Not too long ago I passed by and while I was waiting to be attended he approached me and started speaking to me in a very low tone almost a whisper. He said, “Why do you live with your grandparents” I responded, “Because I cant afford to live on my own.” Then he said, “Well what if I said I wanted to be your sugar daddy…I’d give you half for an apartment upfront for a full year. You would just have to get the apartment near my business and provide me with an extra key so I can take naps throughout the day.” Now trust me for a second I definitely understood why some women enjoy being the side chic…However, I’m way too beautiful to be stabbed by a man’s wife in my sleep! Thank you but no thank you! #SideChicApplicationDenied


“Nobody puts baby in the corner!” Lol

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