Four Years of Boyfriend Shopping Gone WRONG!


I guess it’s true…as  much as I wish I could find someone worth loving just as much as I love myself it seems as if loving myself is still the best and only option at this point. I’ve dated all kinds of men. I’ve dated poor men, rich men, unattractive men, very attractive men, men from all different creeds, levels of spirituality, immature men, selfish men, egotistical men, self centered men, older men, and over sexualized men lol. Now that I’m settling into my 30s it’s very interesting to hear how conversations with my friends and family members continue to shift. One of my friends told me recently I should freeze my eggs. Another friend told me that the reason why I don’t have a boyfriend/husband is because I don’t pray enough. I’ve been told maybe I’m too intimidating. I’ve been told I’m looking in all the wrong places. I’ve been told the problem is that I’m looking and once I stop I’ll find him. I’ve never felt so confused, disheartened, and disappointed in the opposite sex. The truth is I’m NOT THE PROBLEM and the only thing I know for sure is that I am worth loving and despite all the frogs I will not settle for anything less than a King. If you don’t believe me check out my shopping cart below:

The Older Man

Now let’s not get it twisted although he was older he was a very attractive man! My first thought was hmm he’s 37, he’s already been divorced, he has a kid, he has to have retired from playing games and must be ready for something genuine. Anyways, we grew up in the same neighborhood and I promise you I’ve had a crush on him since I was at least 10 years old. One day I was riding the train and he happened to be standing across from me. He said hello and started to make small talk. I kept it cool, calm, and collected but deep down inside I was like a little kid who just landed in the center of a candy store. My stomach had butterflies for days but my ego didn’t let me make the first move and I knew if it was meant to be we would bump into each other again. As the doors to the train opened I said it was nice to finally meet him and walked off the train…lol I’m such a romanticist it’s sickening. Sure enough a few weeks later we bumped into each other and he asked me for my number. We dated for 3 months until his GIRLFRIEND CALLED ME!!! #NEXT

The Younger Guy

We met online, but through conversation we realized we had a mutual friend. He was 25 years old when we met. We ended up being friends for like 2 years. It wasn’t until the 2nd year that we started dating more consistently. He seemed like a great guy on paper. He was in grad school working on his Masters and wanted to work on his PhD. He worked at a nonprofit mentoring elementary school kids. Can I tell you though I’ve never met anyone who was more immature than him. His inability to trust, his inability to communicate…The last thing he told me in the midst of a disagreement was that “he’s not thirsty” lol… #NEXT #IMNOTTHIRSTYEITHER

The Preacher’s Son

So at this point I was like you know what I’ve dated all these guys without a sense of spirituality…maybe that’s whats wrong! Maybe I need a man of God! *Light bulb goes off* Now this guy was definitely not my type, however, he was so persistent for 6 months that I truly grew to like him a lot and there was definite potential to love him. He was college educated, great job, funny, he went to church every Sunday with his parents, he consistently was involved with community service, he was sweet, loved the way he dressed, and  he was generous. So after 6 months I finally felt like I could trust him and I decided to be intimate with him. From that moment on he did a complete 360. He stopped sending me those “Good Morning Beautiful” texts. When I confronted him about it he was too coward to even admit that he had changed and from that point on he just completely swerved me. Crazy though how almost a year later he reached out to me and apologized for his cowardly actions and asked for a second chance. But I just can’t grasp the concept of ever trusting him again… #NEXT

The Over Sexed Men

Now these seem to try to creep in my life all the time from every direction lol. Sometimes I feel like playing defense in basketball as a child has taught me a lot of life long skills. For example: How to hustle and most importantly HOW TO BLOCK! Thank you baby Jesus for the block feature on the Iphone 5! I had a guy send me a crotch picture of his tiny little wee wee…lol yes because that’s exactly what I need in my life lol #BLOCK One guy told me his fantasy was to have a woman ride him with a dildo #IMDONE lol

The Generous Man

So I knew him for a year. We also started off as friends because he had just gotten out of a serious relationship and made it clear that he wasn’t looking to rush into anything. Perfect I thought because I much prefer to develop a friendship then to rush into a tragedy. He even met my family and my family loved him. He was so charismatic. He had a great 9-5 job and was super generous. If I went to visit him he would pay all my tolls going and returning, my gas and for everything on the date. The concept of me contributing was null and void.  Turns out taking my time was definitely the right thing to do…to make a very long and complicated story short it turns out his side job is working for a mobster. lol He’s a collector so when men decide to gamble he’s the one who goes to their house to collect the debt. Umm…I’m sorry sir I’m too beautiful to end up shot because of your ridiculous life decisions… #NEXT

The Past Man

Now my ex-fiance and I have been broken up for 4 years now. We haven’t communicated for at least a year. However, about a week ago I got this text. The only thing remotely positive that I can find about this text is that while he’s dated many women in the past 4 years it is clear that none can compare. Unfortunately for him I now know my worth…


The REAL Man

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