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After watching this video you can see that women’s options have come a long way since 1952. Today women have the option of taking a pill rather than enduring a medical procedure. The pill is called mifepristone, it is an alternative to surgical abortion approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2000. Today, in NY we also have Plan B which is an over the counter pill that is available in all drug stores as long as you have ID to prove that you are 18 years of age. To give you a breakdown of what abortions look like now in the United States here are some statistics…In 2006 a total of 846,181 abortions in the United States were reported to the Center for Disease Control. Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion. Women in their twenties account for more than half of all abortions; women aged 20–24 obtain 33% of all abortions, and women aged 25-29 obtain 24%. Thirty percent of abortions occur to non-Hispanic black women, 36% to non-Hispanic white women, 25% to Hispanic women and 9% to women of other races. (See References Below)

While abortion is a very controversial topic it is rarely discussed. Below are some brave men and women who chose to share their stories with you on their experience with abortions and/or miscarriages…

Story #1(Female Perspective)
YOU”RE PREGNANT I still remember it as if it was yesterday. I remember what
I was wearing, the smell of my doctor’s office, and the thoughts that were
running through my head. I was 16 and I was pregnant which means I became a
statistic. And the whole time that my doctor was talking to me about prenatal
care and hearing my mother cry all I could remember thinking was oh my god I
have to get a abortion . Now for me the decision was easy I was’t ready to
be a mother! I didn’t care about who was going to judge me because of what I
was doing, I didn’t have a job, I hadn’t graduated high school, I had
nothing to offer a child because I was still a child. Now it seemed easy to
say ” I’m having an abortion” but mentally I knew I was about to enter a
world that I would regret. I had heard stories from friends about how
painful it was, and how depressed they got, and I remember since I went to a
catholic high school we saw a video and I literally heard a child crying
during an abortion taking place. The night before having to wake up and go
to the abortion clinic I remember my mother sitting on my bed and saying
“This is the best decision you will ever make but the most painful” she
kissed my forehead and said goodnight mija. That morning I remember talking
a cab and feeling so ashamed walking into the clinic, the pride that I once
felt for making this tough decision seemed long gone and I felt so alone. I
remember the smell, it smelt like a hospital and made me want to throw up. I
remember the way the nurse looked at me when she asked my age, I remember
thinking “shes totally judging me”. I was in the waiting room just holding
back my tears thinking damn girl you really fucked up, wondering why I was
with my mom and not my boyfriend since he had part in getting me pregnant-
ogh yea he was long gone. I remember waiting exactly 32 minutes when this
girl came out hysterically crying, not able to walk well, and she looked at
me with such sad eyes. After that the nurse told me that I had to wait a
while longer because I wasn’t enough weeks to have a safe abortion.I
remember that I couldn’t stop crying because I had to do this all over
again. That night I cried myself to sleep only thinking about that girl that
I saw in the clinic. That weekend I had my best friends Sweet Sixteen
practice when I was taking a shower and started bleeding heavy and called my
mom into the bathroom. She rushed me to the hospital and I remember the
nurse saying “your having a miscarriage”. I felt such a relief because i
wouldn’t have to ender the pain of having an abortion. I didn’t have an
abortion but I knew that it wasn’t only physical pain but emotional and
mental. I had a miscarriage and the pain wasn’t the same but it was there. I
was physically in pain, mentally drained because I had alittle person
growing in me and lost my first child, and emotionally for a 16 year old
girl to grasp all of that its impossible. My boyffriend left me, my mom was
so disappointed, and I was no longer the girl I loved. So as I write this I
still get emotional the emotional pain is still there, i am 26 years old
today and would have had a 10 year old son or daughter. My heart feels the
pain when I talk about it, my eyes still tear, and my mind still thinks what

Story #2 (Male Perspective)
It was hard because it would have been my first child. I left it up to the female. I wish she would have told me when she was going but I got a call one day saying that she had gotten the baby aborted. It has made me think a lot. Does it hurt yes, but I do have to say its for the better. I’m not stable and me and the baby’s mom were not good for eachother. I don’t regret it because I was nowhere ready to take care of a baby. When I asked her why she didn’t tell me she said she didn’t want to fight about it. I was hurt, very hurt, but also relieved because I would be able to get my life in order.

Story 3 (Female Perspective)
I was the most pro-life person that ever existed in planet earth. Growing up in a Catholic home abortion was something that was far from my mind. So much so that when I found out my mother had an abortion while I was in my early teens I called her a murderer. I’ll never forget those words because they would come back to haunt me a few years later. At the age of 17 I fell in love or at least what I thought was love at the time. I remember him telling me that his ex had just recently gotten pregnant. So I said to him well maybe you should try to work it out with her because we are a fairly new couple and from what I understood his ex was his high school sweetheart. He said, “no.” He said, “i love you now and i will never get back with her” I then asked him **CRAZY FORESHADOWING MOMENT** “Well what if I got pregnant would you leave me too?” He said, “No, never your different. I would never leave you. I love you.” Four months later I was pregnant and when he found out he left me. I remember feeling all alone, having flashbacks of what I had told my mom previously, also thinking about how I swore I would never be a single mother…all this led to my decision to have an abortion. I couldn’t afford one though…so I applied for emergency medicare. I remember I had to cut school to wait on the medicare line, while throwing up in a garbage pale and people on the line gawking at me while I stood there all alone and confused. The day of the procedure was even worse. I couldn’t pee so they had to take a sonogram. The nurse left the folder open with the picture of my baby in it. I remember the doctor asking me if I wanted to stay awake during the procedure. I thought to myself “hell no”, do people actually ever say yes…by this point I was knocked out. I woke up in a strange room surrounded by crying women who were bleeding from their vaginas and sitting in chairs that looked like big diapers. I told the nurse I had to use the bathroom. I thought it was all a nightmare. The nurse said ok, but she was like if you throw up please tell me. I went to the bathroom almost fell over in the toilet seat throwing up. I didn’t tell the nurse though, all I could think of is getting out of there so I pretended I wasn’t dizzy or nauseated. A few minutes later I was released. For weeks after I had nightmares with flashbacks of the sonogram. Years later I still couldn’t forgive myself for what I had done. Now, I forgive myself, but when I ask myself if I would do it again…I’d say absolutely not. I regret it til this day. My biggest fear is that my one mistake at the age of 17 will come back to haunt me and when I’m ready to have kids later in life I won’t be able to…I guess I just have to wait and see what happens…

***All of these stories were very touching and all from different perspectives. Some people may think that abortion is the easy way out, but as you can see from these stories it’s never an easy option. If you are thinking about having an abortion make sure you speak to a medical expert, local planned parenthood and/or family member to find out what your options are first so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your future. If you have had an abortion in the past and are still having trouble dealing with it all I would definitely suggest one on one counseling and/or group therapy.

-[Nat]urally Loved

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How does CDC define abortion?
For surveillance purposes, legal abortion is defined as a procedure performed by a licensed physician, or a licensed advanced practice clinician acting under the supervision of a licensed physician, to induce the termination of a pregnancy.

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    1. There is very little mddlie ground because a large percentage of pro lifers are actually against birth control. One of those is Susan Orr. Per the Washington Post: Susan Orr, most recently an associate commissioner in the Administration for Children and Families, was appointed Monday to be acting deputy assistant secretary for population affairs. She will oversee $283 million in annual grants to provide low-income families and others with contraceptive services, counseling and preventive screenings.

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