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  1. cara June 13, 2011 at 5:23 am #

    Please help me how to get over the man that I still love until now.. We broke up 2009. I know I have a fault because I love him eventhough I know that he already had a family with 2 kids.The first time I know that is I was dissapointed but the good thing is he wasnt keep that truth to me he honestly tell that to me coz he know that we loved each other, but unfortunately we took 2 years with full of love then one day comes that I have no enough time to give him coz I was get busy to my work in a call center I’ve noticed that theres something that missing in his love to me coz he even didnt pick me up to my work and theres something that I feel, One day again comes I knew that he has a new girl apart for her wife and me.. I was really hurt dont know what to do coz I didnt realize that he will do that to me despite of all the love that Im giving him I give all my soul. Until now its 2011 I still remmember him I feel that whatever I do I still cannot take away her face to my mind and to my heart.. Please help me what will I do to forget him.. When I knew that she have a knew one I decided to breaking up with him, I tell him that I will set him free even he dont want me to separate him.
    I know its not right to love a man that has a family.. tell me what to do.

    Thank You!

    • [Nat]urallyLoved June 15, 2011 at 1:27 am #

      Dear Cara,

      From your email it seems as if you are unhappy and disappointed with some of your decisions. Unfortunately, none of us are perfect and sometimes we fall in love with all the wrong people. The first step towards moving on is forgiving yourself and recognizing that you deserve to find your happiness again. Your comment, “I know its not right to love a man with a family” tells me that morally you feel guilty for some of your decisions. I think you know what you need to do, now you just have to do it. It will be very hard for you to let go, but at the same time you will feel liberated from your guilt. Karma is real and the truth is that even if he left his wife for you, eventually he’d leave you for someone else. Remind yourself every day that you deserve to be happy. Block his number if you have to… This is not going to be easy because your heart needs time to heal, but you need to start taking steps in the right direction. Eventually your heart will follow your steps. However, I will tell you this it will not be easy, it will take a lot of love for yourself to get through this….you have to sincerely believe that you deserve better and truly love yourself more than you love him. You will have moments of weakness, but it’s important to avoid those things that trigger those weak moments as much as possible. Invest time in your happiness, whatever that means for you…take a class, hang out with friends, excercise, go to church….Your health also has a huge impact on your overall attitude. Make sure you are eating correctly because all these things can affect your mood. Have faith that everything happens for a reason…try not to focus on the things you have no control over and instead work on the things that you can change…cry if you need to cry, but then wipe your tears and keep it moving because life doesn’t stop for broken hearts. You may never stop loving him, but I promise you that you can move on and find happiness in other places, but it will take time and lots of effort on your behalf. Good luck! I will keep you in my prayers!

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