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The Endless Cycle of Jadedness

7 Mar

So my friend asked me this weekend…”Which came first the jerk or the b#%ch?” In other words which came first the guy who is a jerk or the woman who broke his heart and made him a jerk or vice versa. I feel like this endless cycle of jadedness where people break other people’s hearts because their heart was broken can be stopped if we just were honest. What happened to honesty?

I think that as young men and women in love it is very easy to become confused, but confusion does not give you the right to break someone’s heart. The heart is a very delicate organ. I hear stories in the news of suicide and people cutting themselves for what they thought was love. Love is definitely greater than we can ever understand, but it is never worth losing a life. My challenge to you today is to stop the cycle of jadedness. Be real, be honest, be true to yourself and others. The heart is not meant to be played with or taken lightly. If  someone gave you their heart that means that they trust you. Heartbreak is real and if you’ve been hurt before then you know what it feels like. You understand the pain so don’t spread it. Always remember…”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you stop loving someone tell them. If you are being tempted and find that you want to cheat on your significant other, DONT! Just tell them that you are no longer interested in being in a relationship and that you need to end the relationship before you break their heart. If you feel bad telling your significant other the truth, DON”T! It’s better to be honest. Never stay with someone because you feel bad for them. This always ends up in you hurting the person more. DON’T ever lie and tell someone you love them when you really don’t. DON’T make promises you can’t keep.

In the end as human beings we need eachother so stop passing on the jadedness and start passing on the love and the honesty…